eMbrwodery update; Post 3rd session

It’s now about a month since my 3rd and final eMbrowdery session.  We forget what a difference eyebrows make on our face until we’re faced with not having any.  Being able to maintain the illusion of having eyebrows (without any makeup) throughout my treatment has made a huge difference to me.   For that reason I’m delighted I went through with the eMbrowdery.  Overall I am very happy with the results, however, being totally honest, I had expected that once I had them done I wouldn’t need to touch them when doing my makeup – at least for a good few months until they started fading.  Maybe this was just an unrealistic expectation but I am a little disappointed that I have felt the need to fill them in when I’m wearing makeup.

I also feel the shape of my right eyebrow is a little “wormy” it has a bit of a slant and a slight dip on the top that isn’t on my left brow which means it needs a little extra help to get the shape I wanted.  What I need to keep in mind though is with virtually no natural hair as a base the results are unlikely to be as effective so maybe I am being a bit critical here, the results do save me a lot of time, it’s just a bit of a pain having to fix and fill in the shape after spending almost €600 on them!

All in all though:

Am I happy I had it done – Yes!

Would I pay the money again – Yes!

Would I recommend it to anyone going through Chemo – Yes!

However, If I decide to continue to invest in the top ups (which I probably will) I think, going forward, I will opt for Microblading (which goes a layer deeper) but for now I’m very grateful that I had the eMbrowdery option during my treatment.

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