False tan during chemo

From a self-confessed “tanaholic” I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without doing a post on tan! I have done my tan religiously twice a week for years.  I’ve tried a number of different tans over the years but before my diagnosis I was using the Cocoa Brown moose (after changing from St Tropez a few years ago).  It will seem ridiculous to most people but one of my first questions after getting my treatment plan was – “Will I be able to wear my tan”.  The thoughts of reverting to my natural pasty white /blue complexion wasn’t appealing. Since starting my chemo I’ve changed my tan to an organic one and have been using Tan Organics Moose.  I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with this tan.  The colour has a lovely natural tone and the tan lasts well.  If I was to be critical there are two things I would fault it on – First, and as far as I’m concerned its biggest downfall is it’s price – at €29.99 for a 120ml bottle I find it hard to justify given you can get a 150ml bottle of Cocoa Brown for less than €9.00.  I know it’s Organic, and for anyone who just does their tan occasionally it would be worth it but it adds up pretty quickly when using it so regularly.

Secondly, I find it really difficult to exfoliate in particular from the feet, it requires a lot of scrubbing, especially around the toes.  Saying that I’ve received a few compliments on it and how natural shade is.

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