Battle of the Grey: Root Touch ups

Pre-treatment I relied on L’Oréal’s “Magic Retouch Hairspray” to get me from one hair appointment to the next, however I always found it messy to apply and difficult to control where the spray went.  I didn’t like that the lack of control over the spray with my scalp often ending up covered with dye which I had to tackle with a baby wipe afterwards.  I also found it left a “sticky” feeling in my hair.  Once I started treatment I wanted to minimise any possible irritation to the scalp so even though the L’Oréal spray is approved by the cold cap company I opted for one of the “eye shadow” root touch ups instead.  Up until recently I used John Frieda’s “Root Blur” which I got in Boots. I found this did a good job and liked that it was so much easier to apply to specific areas and didn’t leave the same sticky feeling the spray did.  I ran out of this recently so purchased “Color WOW root cover up” which at about €36 is definitely more expensive but it has excellent reviews and was recommended to me (there is information online of Irish stockist or it can be ordered online).   I did find this really good, however in fairness to the product by the time I bought it my greys had gone way beyond the normal root regrowth stage and it was becoming a big job to try and cover them all.

Color WOW root cover up

I still use WOW for areas around my face and specific areas needing a touch up but for the crown of my head I have gone full circle and am back to L’Oréal’s Magic Retouch Hairspray.  I have found this covers the longer greys better on the crown of my head better and as I’m now clipping the front of my hair back for my “comb over” the things that annoyed me about it before (dying of the scalp and stickiness) are not as much of an issue.

L’Oreal Magic Retouch

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