June 21st – More results

Adrian and myself met with the Oncologist on the morning of June 21st.  I first met a doctor who went through my medical history and that of my family.  I was thinking – just tell me the results! The test assigns a number between 0 -100.  A Recurrence score greater than or equal to 31 is considered high and would result in chemotherapy.  My results showed a score of 43 and I would need 6 rounds of Taxotere Cyclo (TC) chemotherapy over an 18 week period (1 every 3 weeks).  I would definitely loose my hair but I had the option of the cold cap (see post on Cold Cap dilemma) depending on where I was to receive my treatment.  So I finally knew.

I had made an appointment to look at wigs for later that morning (just in case).  I have some very embarrassing photos which I might share on a separate blog about my wig search.  We had another very important event in our house that afternoon, our oldest son Alec had his graduation and was playing a very important role in his crèche play.  He was playing the Chocolate Cake in a performance of  “The greedy little caterpillar”.  A very proud moment! Then it was home and off to college.

It would be another 3 week wait before I got my start date – Friday 13th (what a great date to start! Lucky for some?!)

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