Sabina O’Neill’s story

Sabina O’Neill is also an ex Aer Lingus Cabin crew member, however our paths never crossed in the air as Sabina was Shannon based while I was Dublin based.  Sabina came across my blog through a mutual friend and has kindly agreed to share her incredibly brave story and some hints and tips based on her experience.  I am in awe of her courage, thank you for sharing it with us Sabina!


I was first diagnosed with cancer at 16 years of age a rare tumour called “Soft tissue Ewing’s sarcoma”. I had numerous surgeries and 8 months of extremely strong chemotherapy.  I went into remission in May of 1991 but unfortunately the cancer came back a year later.  I then had more surgery and 6 weeks of radium.

My 3rd cancer diagnosis was in July of 2016 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  I had a full mastectomy and full auxiliary clearance.  I then went onto have 6 rounds of TC chemotherapy and 25 sessions of radium. My tumour was 1.6 cm with a lot of DCIS throughout the breast and hormone positive her2 negative.

A year later I started bleeding and found out through hormonal blood tests that my E2 was extremely high and that my ovaries would have to be removed.  I had an Oopherectomy in April of this year.  I am now waiting for my breast reconstruction which is due to take place in September.


  • Take all medication when instructed to do so, do not wait for symptoms to present themselves.
  • An electric blanket for bone pain especially when taking the NULASTA INJECTIONS.
  • If your mind starts to wander to a dark place which it will watch a funny movie or read a book.
  • Rest and sleep when you can.
  • During chemo eat whatever you can when you can.
  • If you choose to wear a wig (which I did for 18 months) buy a good one that will last.  Monofilament top with lace front are so realistic that you would never know it was a wig. If you hold a medical card there is a 500 Euro grant for one.
  • Put make up on every day because if you look good you will feel good.
  • If you go into menopause and are suffering from the dreaded hot flushes there is a drug called effexor which reduces them by 80%.
  • Research and have confidence about your decisions regarding your treatment.
  • And most of all live for each day and try not to worry.  I have beaten this disease 3 times and I am still here.


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